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Clothes are my religion

Hey people, i know it’s been a while again, i have been snowed in literally with everything! As i was been spending loads of hours over the past month looking for new interesting brands i discovered a very interesting brand called religion. I looked for an official website but i couldn’t find anything out there. Most of the clothing was on major networks and some on independent online stores. Anyway i love discovering brands like that because  i think the make a difference. I’m tired of all the high street major retailers copying each other style, its constant never ending war! Instead of going for the same look and trend all major companies should hire talented designers and come up with something fresh!


Vintage Worn out shoes!

Does anybody like this new trend? You are all probably aware of the fact that the “worn out/washed out” vintage look is back in action all the major retailers are copying each others designs! I wish Fashion labels didn’t do that, however that’s how trends are created. A label comes up with a fresh original look and then the designs are almost plagiarized by other labels. So i’ve looking into this “worn out” look and i dont know what to think, Some of the companies have really nailed the look and some of them are just not getting it! Some of the stuff like the worn out jeans and tops are a little bit too much for me, however i love the worn out vintage shoes!


grey brogues



Brogues have been around for ages and are usually described as mostly a smart shoe that can be easily combined with a lot of styles. Although some people say that this type of shoe originated in England, The true original brogues have got Scotish and Irish roots. Although Brogues are considered smart it must be said that in the 1930’s gentlemen never used to wear brogues for special occasions or business especially brown brogues. For some reason in those days it was required to wear a plain black shoe for business and special occasions. The black Shoes were considered more formal but people got kind of bored of that look and were more attracted by the different colour combinations and patterns of the new brogues shoes as the leather industrys were making progress.



T-Shirt’s By Threadless!!Need To Check Them Out

I was searching for cool t shirt manufacturers and websites and my friend recommended me  “The threadless website”. I went on it and i must have spent hours looking through all the different designs and T shirts. The cool thing about this site is that they also credit the artists that design the T shirts by including the artists name in a list where the customers can go to and view all the related work . The website is packed with different designs and is divided into appropriate sections to differentiate the tee categories!!Need to check it out people.



The Polar Opposite Fashion Look

The polar opposite fashion look is all about being yourself and using your imagination to create your own style and look that would differentiate you from the crowd and would make you stand out. All the amazing ideas in fashion are the simple ones for me -anything overcomplicated looks wrong and fake- thats is why fashion trends like the ones pictured in the santorialist are what make that specific blog so succesfull, it invloves real people, interesting people and it pictures and projects their personal look. So This weeks Polar Opposite Look (by kidlazy) involves a beautiful looking tartan blazer By Gant that has just launched a brand new Online store-its looking good, A pair of DC trainers but not  just any pair, im talking about the new Era Colab Trainers by DC( pictured below. As for the jeans I would suggest the classic Eco Blue Flame Levis Jeans. Personally i would wear a band T shirt( Sonic Youth Goo For me). Check out the pics below.





Get the Gossip Girl Look?

I have been doing some research and I’ve been looking into fashion blogs just to find interesting articles and maybe meet interesting people and awesome blogs, but all I come across is Gossip Girl…so I’m like what’s with Gossip Girl and why is everybody talking about this chic in fashion blogs? Personally imp an entourage fan and that’s all I watch because I haven’t got much time to kick back and watch the tube. I eventually looked into Gossip Girl after all the chat I got about it and it’s a series that’s all about the lives of wealthy teenagers who are attending an elite prep school in New York City. Upper East Side293_gossip_girl_nymag2_042108

Although I don’t think I’m going to start watching the show anytime soon as its season 4 or something just now it would be worth watch just for the fashion trends gossip girl and that “other dude” are sporting. Eric Daman, the series stylist, incorporates rising designers to the series costume design. He said in an interview, “Alexander Wang and Vena Cava were definitely not mentioned in the books but are essential on the fashion scene in today’s NYC. I felt it really important to incorporate these young designers into the vocabulary of the show as the socialite girls that GG is based on would know these designers, be the first to find them and the first to wear them. Think Zac Posen and Lola Schnabel.GOSSIP GIRL

So is it worth a watch after all???nah..i think ill stick to entourage