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Things i want this Christmas

Here are some of the things on my Christmas wishlist, I really love the first bag, i like the vintage distressed look, however i like the second one 2! The shoes are probably my favorite shoes ever but t the cost a fortunate so don’t know about that, i think the will stay on wishlist until next year! The sunglasses are amazing, i blogged about them a while ago, Shwood is the name of the company that makes them and the are actually made out of wood and cost about 60 pounds! I think im going to get these soon since i broke my favorite pair of vintage aviator shades:-(!Time for a change!


The Distressed Look And The Copycats (brogues and toecaps)

I have been looking for a new pair of shoes to spend my money on this Christmas, however i still haven’t found exactly what i want, I’m close but still not sure. I went for a walk the yesterday and i must of went in every single clothing store on the high street looking at shoes and clothes. I quite like the new all saints range, specifically the toecap brogues that look all distressed and warn out are really nice and I’m seriously considering a pair of all saints toecap brogues shoes this Christmas. I have also spotted some nice shoes on the office website, again toecap shoes that look a little bit like the all saints ones however the haven’t got that distressed vintage look, instead the toecap shoes look brand new and have a really nice tanned leather colour. The final pair that i have been considering for a while are toecaps from River island, i like them but the look too much like the all saints ones, its as if all saints designed the original distressed look brogues and toecaps and then everybody in the fashion industry started copying them! it’s true! is it just me??. Anyway so yeh  you can see all the shoes pictured below and i have included a poll so you guys can vote for your favorite pair. I like them all and i had the money i would get them all, but for now i can only go for one!!I want you opinions.

Office toecap leather tan shoes

Vintage Worn out shoes!

Does anybody like this new trend? You are all probably aware of the fact that the “worn out/washed out” vintage look is back in action all the major retailers are copying each others designs! I wish Fashion labels didn’t do that, however that’s how trends are created. A label comes up with a fresh original look and then the designs are almost plagiarized by other labels. So i’ve looking into this “worn out” look and i dont know what to think, Some of the companies have really nailed the look and some of them are just not getting it! Some of the stuff like the worn out jeans and tops are a little bit too much for me, however i love the worn out vintage shoes!


grey brogues



Brogues have been around for ages and are usually described as mostly a smart shoe that can be easily combined with a lot of styles. Although some people say that this type of shoe originated in England, The true original brogues have got Scotish and Irish roots. Although Brogues are considered smart it must be said that in the 1930’s gentlemen never used to wear brogues for special occasions or business especially brown brogues. For some reason in those days it was required to wear a plain black shoe for business and special occasions. The black Shoes were considered more formal but people got kind of bored of that look and were more attracted by the different colour combinations and patterns of the new brogues shoes as the leather industrys were making progress.




Espadrilles are soft casual summer shoes that looke abit like a cross between plimsolls and those old school slipers you wear in the Winter. Espadrilles are light and flexible as the usually have a rubber or cotton fabric sole. Espadrillles were a big hit last August and most of the blogs i was visiting were picturing people wearing espadriles, although the summer is almost over i still think espadriles are going to be big next year. I ‘ve already got a pair-just cant wear them because i live in Scotland and its getting cold here. Anyway i’ve been looking at different sites and i’ve picked some nice pics of espadrilles.shoes_iaec1142208MEStripey01castaner-espadrille-shoes

Ted Baker vs Fred Perry

I’ve always been into plimsols however i tend to destroy them in about 3 weeks so this time i decided to spend some extra bucks and get some quality plimsolls. Anyway i was looking at Ted Baker when i was in Dublin and I absolutely loved the new line of plimsolls. Most of them had coloured soles which i thought was really cool, and overall the design is simple which is exactly what I like.73210060_b151muUhbB3RL._AA280_Although i loved the Ted Bakers i ended up buying some Fred Perry tipped cuff orange/blackplimsols (pictured below).fredperry_tipcuff_blk_med

Ugliest shoes ever

I thought the Michael Jackson shoes looked bad..but then i saw the Barack Obama ones….

Mike Jackson shoes-005


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