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Elvis Jesus Jackets

I do apologise for the hiatus. I’ve just had a busy couple of months, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding cool, funky online stores. My favourite one I found has to be the designer Elvis Jesus Online store. They are a rock n Roll style brand using inky black humour, renegade design and hand applied couture detailing. Every design of theirs is handcrafted which I believe explains the price tag. I know it is summer but I really want these jackets. Night is still a bit cool, that would be my excuse for buying one of these. I love the worn, rugged style. These jackets look like they could tell a story or two


Where is online shopping going?

I visited the Reiss online store the other day just to check out the new arrivals and ended up buying a jacket! I know I’ve always liked Reiss but I think that im getting a little bit addicted to online shopping. I only started online shopping when I acquired my first debit card which was recently. The first month I didn’t really buy anything online but the month after that I bought something for the first time from Reiss and then from French connection, and after that I was hooked! I got addicted to the idea of online shopping because it didn’t take much effort-just a couple of clicks and you get whatever you want (literally whatever you want). I was one of the people that didn’t think much of online shopping when it comes to clothes and that was because i always thought that you need to try something on first.If you know the brand and you’ve purchased clothes before from the specific company you are fine, but even if you don’t know the brand most websites these days enable you to return the product and get your money back! (haven’t done that so far, and I’ve spent loads and experimented with new brands). Anyway so I was on the Reiss website the other day and I ended up buying this gorgeous jacket pictured below!How could i resist?look at it!143001-22-1