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Things i want this Christmas

Here are some of the things on my Christmas wishlist, I really love the first bag, i like the vintage distressed look, however i like the second one 2! The shoes are probably my favorite shoes ever but t the cost a fortunate so don’t know about that, i think the will stay on wishlist until next year! The sunglasses are amazing, i blogged about them a while ago, Shwood is the name of the company that makes them and the are actually made out of wood and cost about 60 pounds! I think im going to get these soon since i broke my favorite pair of vintage aviator shades:-(!Time for a change!


Vintage Worn out shoes!

Does anybody like this new trend? You are all probably aware of the fact that the “worn out/washed out” vintage look is back in action all the major retailers are copying each others designs! I wish Fashion labels didn’t do that, however that’s how trends are created. A label comes up with a fresh original look and then the designs are almost plagiarized by other labels. So i’ve looking into this “worn out” look and i dont know what to think, Some of the companies have really nailed the look and some of them are just not getting it! Some of the stuff like the worn out jeans and tops are a little bit too much for me, however i love the worn out vintage shoes!


grey brogues


Vintage Bag

I have always loved the old school vintage leather bags, the ones that your high school teacher would probably carry arround. I never had one but i think now is the time to buy one. I have always used backpacks that are actually quite practical but the look really bad. So i was thinking about investing in a nice leather bag. Leather bags are really big just now and men’s just use them as a fashion accessorie. In my case ill probably combine both as i usually tend to carry loads of things with me, a nice bag would be the perfect accessory for me just now. These are the two styles i want to go for. The first one has the classic tan dry leather look which i love. It’s also quite simple and has an amazing colour. The second one is more vintage-shinny leather, proffesor bag look. I like the second option too as it has a lot of detail( pockets, straps etc). Which one do you think i should go for? Let me know what you think…


How to get shot by the Sartorialist


Luxury Ties From Duchamp

It’s been a long time since i’ ve done a post on Duchamp so i decided to do one today and review the new collection. I dont know if you’ ve visited the website lately but it looks amazing! They’ve updated the entire site and have made it easier for clients to navigate through the different categories. Duchamp now sell luxurious jackets online. The new range is gorgeous as it combines lively colours but at the same time the jackets have got a sharp and elegant look. If you want to express your opinions on the duchamp clothing range you can use Marcs Blog, a new feature on the website that allows you to share your thoughts and opinions with the community. Its all very exciting! You need to visit the website and see for yourselves. These are some Ties that i picked from the website! I ve always loved their ties because nobody designs Ties like that. The quality is amazing and the patterns are gorgeous! Anyway take a look at the following sample pictures.