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Nigel Hall Menswear

I have been looking for a formal jacket for some time now, never seemed to find the right one. However, recently I came across the Nigel Hall website. Nigel Hall specialise in designer menswear and costs a bit more than the average brand but you do get quality for your money. As well as awesome jackets, they also seem to have quite a cool range of polo shirts and formal shirts.

Formal JacketFormal Jacket


Check Out The New Gant Online Store!


The Polar Opposite Fashion Look

The polar opposite fashion look is all about being yourself and using your imagination to create your own style and look that would differentiate you from the crowd and would make you stand out. All the amazing ideas in fashion are the simple ones for me -anything overcomplicated looks wrong and fake- thats is why fashion trends like the ones pictured in the santorialist are what make that specific blog so succesfull, it invloves real people, interesting people and it pictures and projects their personal look. So This weeks Polar Opposite Look (by kidlazy) involves a beautiful looking tartan blazer By Gant that has just launched a brand new Online store-its looking good, A pair of DC trainers but not  just any pair, im talking about the new Era Colab Trainers by DC( pictured below. As for the jeans I would suggest the classic Eco Blue Flame Levis Jeans. Personally i would wear a band T shirt( Sonic Youth Goo For me). Check out the pics below.