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How to get shot by the Sartorialist



Sydney Dust Storm Pictures.

Its The 23rd of September 2009. According to BBC news “A large stretch of Australia’s east coast, including the largest city Sydney, has been shrouded in red dust blown in from the desert outback.Visibility in Sydney was so bad that flights were diverted and harbour ferry traffic disrupted.Landmarks such as the Opera House were obscured, and many residents took to wearing masks.Emergency services reported a surge in calls from people with breathing problems.Dust storms are common in the arid “red centre” of Australia, but they rarely reach the populated coastal regions.The storm crippled the transportation system, with long delays to flights and bumper-to-bumper traffic on major roads.Children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems were told to stay indoors until the dust had cleared later on Wednesday. It was blown out to sea and up the coast by the strong winds.” These are some cool pictures I found on Flicker. The sky and everything looks so weird-i had my doubts in the first place and i thought that the pictures could have been edited in photoshop or something but then i remembered a similar incident i experienced in Athens Greece with the forest fires. The sky was red and everything went red for like 2 days cause of the fires.3945284523_80824ac430



Holga Photography

Holga Cameras are a kind of inexpensive toy cameras that were developed in 1982. The Holga was intended to provide an inexpensive mass-market camera for working-class Chinese in order to record family portraits and events. Although the camera looks cheap and plastic it is widely used by a lot of photographers as it captures sureal photos due to imperfections and light leaks. Also the camera is really easy to take apart and to experiment with. Many different effects can be achieved by using different masks. The camera can be purchased for £16 on ebay. Dofferent kinds of Holga cameras are available but i would just recommend the Classic Holga 120N. Go ahead and buy one, you ll have fun.





Who Is The Sartorialist? Look For Your Own Inspiration

The Sartorialist Is Probably one of the Top Fashion websites/blogs Out there just now.  The man behind the Sartorialist is Scott Schuman who has been involved with the fashion industry, specifically fashion marketing for the past 15 years. 4 years ago he decided to leave the fashion industry and take care of his kids. He also started a blog that focused on street style as in real street style-real people and not models. The blog over the past year has become very successfull, to the point were well known established fashion designers visit his blog to get ideas and inspiration. The reason why the blog is so successfull is because it involves real people and real style which is much better than something completly staged,and plastic, its simple and authentic. The other factor that makes the website/ blog successfull is the quality of the pictures. Scuhman now enjoys a romantic life that involves travelling to milan-NYC and other major cities to take pictures for his blog ” The Sartorialist” and to attend fashion shows and events.



FFFFOUND! Photography Website

I’ ve been digging for Cool Photography websites because i’m getting into photography little by little so I found this site which enables you to view loads of cool pictures and share stuff and upload your pictures. It is quite cool because you become part of a community and you find out information about other artists and most importantly the pictures onb the website are amazing. I haven’t posted anything my self but when i get a decent portofolio of pics ill try and maybe post some pics.The website is more like a web service as it enables users to post stuff and it dynamically process the post and recommends post’s that might be close to the users taste. The website is called FFFFFOUND, check it out. Personally i visit it a lot.. These are some Random Pictures i found on the website




T In The Park 2009 Pictures

I went to T in the park this year for the second time and it was amazing! I saw Blur, Seacick Steve, Bloc party, Eagles of death metal, Elbow, Lilly Allen, Snow patrol and loads more. I mainly went to see Blur and Elbow!!Elbow were absolutely amazing! I was watching the weather forecast the day before i went and it basically forcasted “heavy rain” everywhere in Scotland-So i woke the next day, got ready for the festival and it was raining.I  got the Coach From Ayr to T IN THE PARK. We arrived there and i had to put my raincoat on which was blue and i looked like a giant Blue Condom..but luckily after about an hour the sun came out and the skies were bright and sunny for the rest of the day!!it was amazing, I was wearing Aviator sunglasses all day and when i got home i realized that i was sunburnt everywhere on my face except for my eyes that had two massive “aviator white patches” around them!I looked so funny but it was totally worth it.Elbow are an amazing band and blur are legends!!!The entire fest is just mental -You need to go!book your tickets for next year





Collection of cool Photos