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The Distressed Look And The Copycats (brogues and toecaps)

I have been looking for a new pair of shoes to spend my money on this Christmas, however i still haven’t found exactly what i want, I’m close but still not sure. I went for a walk the yesterday and i must of went in every single clothing store on the high street looking at shoes and clothes. I quite like the new all saints range, specifically the toecap brogues that look all distressed and warn out are really nice and I’m seriously considering a pair of all saints toecap brogues shoes this Christmas. I have also spotted some nice shoes on the office website, again toecap shoes that look a little bit like the all saints ones however the haven’t got that distressed vintage look, instead the toecap shoes look brand new and have a really nice tanned leather colour. The final pair that i have been considering for a while are toecaps from River island, i like them but the look too much like the all saints ones, its as if all saints designed the original distressed look brogues and toecaps and then everybody in the fashion industry started copying them! it’s true! is it just me??. Anyway so yeh  you can see all the shoes pictured below and i have included a poll so you guys can vote for your favorite pair. I like them all and i had the money i would get them all, but for now i can only go for one!!I want you opinions.

Office toecap leather tan shoes


Cool people wear brogues!

These random pictures that i found on blogs of cool people wearing brogues. The pictures are not mine as i took them from massive blogs and websites! I love brogues so much, i’ve  already got loads of pairs! I also loved the 2009 summer trend (brogues and a pair of RL jeans) because i think brogues are suitable for all situations and can be combined with loads of styles!I really like the girl in the first picture i think she looks very cool, and i love her shoes!

1st outfit post




Loake Shoes And Tips On How To Keep Shoes In Good Condition


Always use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. This will keep the backs strong and sturdy.


Try to wear your shoes in dry conditions for the first few occasions.Fine leather shoes can require a full day to dry out from natural perspiration. Try to give them at least twenty-four hours between wears.Try to avoid excessive wetting. Should this occur, always let the shoes dry naturally away from direct heat. Use newspaper inside the shoe to help the leather dry out. Your shoes will benefit from regular use of a good-quality cream or wax polish. This helps to moisturise the leather, as well as prevent cracking and excessive creasing.We use leather soles for the comfort and health of your feet. Attaching rubber additions to the sole or heel can affect the balance and comfort of the shoe, and put excessive strain on the construction.