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Nigel Hall Menswear

I have been looking for a formal jacket for some time now, never seemed to find the right one. However, recently I came across the Nigel Hall website. Nigel Hall specialise in designer menswear and costs a bit more than the average brand but you do get quality for your money. As well as awesome jackets, they also seem to have quite a cool range of polo shirts and formal shirts.

Formal JacketFormal Jacket


Elvis Jesus Jackets

I do apologise for the hiatus. I’ve just had a busy couple of months, but that hasn’t stopped me from finding cool, funky online stores. My favourite one I found has to be the designer Elvis Jesus Online store. They are a rock n Roll style brand using inky black humour, renegade design and hand applied couture detailing. Every design of theirs is handcrafted which I believe explains the price tag. I know it is summer but I really want these jackets. Night is still a bit cool, that would be my excuse for buying one of these. I love the worn, rugged style. These jackets look like they could tell a story or two

Liberty Jacket sale!

Hey i know it’s been a while since i last posted but i have been extremely busy doing nothing, i was on holiday for Christmas, had an excellent time! I went shopping on boxing day and i must have spent at least four hours checking out all the major fashion retailers. I went to most of the shops on the high street and looked at all the items on sale to see if i could find anything for me. Unfortunately i had to leave most of the shops because the queues were just massive, i would have spent at least an hour waiting for just one item i wanted to buy. Although i like Christmas shopping and i like going out and looking at shops most of the time due to high demand i cannot find what i want, that’s why id rather go out window shopping and then do the actual shopping online. Most e-shops have more stock online than in the shops. I have been looking for a nice casual jacket lately, and i actually found exactly what i was looking for at Reiss today, I wanted a pea coat style jacket but i didn’t want the traditional look, i was looking through the jackets and i found this liberty jacket by reiss for half price, most of the times are on sale( 50%) so if you want to buy something do it now while the sale is on!