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Rugger 80’s wash jeans

I recently got back into my bleach wash jeans as they made a comeback this year! Although i love washed out jeans i couln’t  seem to find the exact pair that i wanted. Most of the online shopping retailers had brand new lines added with washed out and bleach washed jeans however i still couldn’t find the pair that i was looking for! I randonly came across the Gant online store the other day and i went to the jeans section. I found this awesome pair of Rugger 80’s wash jeans which was exactly what i was looking for! The good thing with Gant jeans is that the quality and materials they use are amazing. I always find that the gant jeans and trousers last longer than other pairs that i’ve got. Click on the image below and check them out!


The perfect Xmas gift!


I know it’s been a while since i posted but i have been so busy with work as we are all getting ready for Christmas! It’s going to be mental this year! People are already going crazy , shopping wise, quite a lot of things on my wish list that i wanted to buy online are now officially sold out. I guess my taste in clothes is quite popular and mainstream, i never thought it was but it must be since quite a lot of clothing items i spotted about a month ago and added to my wish list are now OUT OF STOCK! I hate that went it happens!  I will just have to wait until they stock up again and keep an eye out. I can’t wait for Christmas-it’s my favorite time of year! I just love all the decorations, the family reunions and the shopping!!! I have been saving up for a while now so i can afford Xmas presents for family, friends and me! This are the presents i bought so far, luckily my family and friends don’t have any idea about my blogs so they won’t read this! These are the gifts i bought so far…

I love Abahna just now. They ‘ve got some really nice gift sets on their website.  It would make a really nice gift to anyone this Christmas.

Check Out The New Gant Online Store!