Sydney Dust Storm Pictures.

Its The 23rd of September 2009. According to BBC news “A large stretch of Australia’s east coast, including the largest city Sydney, has been shrouded in red dust blown in from the desert outback.Visibility in Sydney was so bad that flights were diverted and harbour ferry traffic disrupted.Landmarks such as the Opera House were obscured, and many residents took to wearing masks.Emergency services reported a surge in calls from people with breathing problems.Dust storms are common in the arid “red centre” of Australia, but they rarely reach the populated coastal regions.The storm crippled the transportation system, with long delays to flights and bumper-to-bumper traffic on major roads.Children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems were told to stay indoors until the dust had cleared later on Wednesday. It was blown out to sea and up the coast by the strong winds.” These are some cool pictures I found on Flicker. The sky and everything looks so weird-i had my doubts in the first place and i thought that the pictures could have been edited in photoshop or something but then i remembered a similar incident i experienced in Athens Greece with the forest fires. The sky was red and everything went red for like 2 days cause of the fires.3945284523_80824ac430




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