Cool I-pod casette case!

I have been avoiding ipods for the past 5 years now because im a mini disc person.Yes i love mini discs, i bought my first my first and only mini disc player when i was 15 and i was fascinated with the fact that i could fit 100 songs on to one mini disc. I use to skate a lot so so i ve dropped the mini disc and landed on it loads of times, so 10 years later (1 month ago) my mini disc decided to die…Im a musician myself and i listen to music everywhere so im finnally thinking that i should invest in an i-pod since i cant listen to music anymore, and in order to make my ipod looks a litlle bit different im going to buy one of these cool cases for it. Check them out.




2 responses to “Cool I-pod casette case!

  1. I love them! Didn’t even know they existed!

    • Yeh i like them 2- you can buy them online for about 45$ if you google “ipod casette case”. i might attempt to make one lol

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