THEM (2006) You ll Never Feel Safe In Your Home Again

Its Friday -the weekends up and everybody is making plans, however if you cannot be bothered going out today and want to stay in and get a DVD, this is the movie you need to get. The movie is called “Them”, it was released in 1996 , its a psycological thriller and its french. I am really into psycological thrillers but the only bad thing with these movies is that you ll watch twenty and most of them will be really really really bad. “Them” However seriusly scared the hell out of me-not because it had jumpy scenes and pure gore ,the idea scared me ,epsecially when you know it actually happened.I am not gonna go into telling you what the movie is about -you should just get and watch it, its got a really weird ending -i didnt excpect it.Click on the Image below for a preview…




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