T In The Park 2009 Pictures

I went to T in the park this year for the second time and it was amazing! I saw Blur, Seacick Steve, Bloc party, Eagles of death metal, Elbow, Lilly Allen, Snow patrol and loads more. I mainly went to see Blur and Elbow!!Elbow were absolutely amazing! I was watching the weather forecast the day before i went and it basically forcasted “heavy rain” everywhere in Scotland-So i woke the next day, got ready for the festival and it was raining.I  got the Coach From Ayr to T IN THE PARK. We arrived there and i had to put my raincoat on which was blue and i looked like a giant Blue Condom..but luckily after about an hour the sun came out and the skies were bright and sunny for the rest of the day!!it was amazing, I was wearing Aviator sunglasses all day and when i got home i realized that i was sunburnt everywhere on my face except for my eyes that had two massive “aviator white patches” around them!I looked so funny but it was totally worth it.Elbow are an amazing band and blur are legends!!!The entire fest is just mental -You need to go!book your tickets for next year






3 responses to “T In The Park 2009 Pictures

  1. paramountplaces

    It is really a huge crowd , nice photos.

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