Very Bad Things (1998)

Excellent black comedy about a group of friends that go on a trip to Vegas for a bachellor party and end up killing a prostitute by accident which leads to more killings and chaos in Vegas. The perfomances of the cast members are all great and the plot and overall atmosphere of the movie is amazing. Its not a common bachellor movie as it involves a lot of violence however it still considered as a comedy or black comedy. I watched this movie the same day i watched swingers about two years ago and i immediately became a fan of both movies and Jon Favreau. Also I must mention that the creators of the most recent bachellor party style movie “The hangover” have definitely been influenced by Very Bad Things. Its a great movie you should definitely watch it. (1998) Starring Jeremy Piven,Jon Favreau, Cameron Diaz, Christian Slater, Peter Berg.




2 responses to “Very Bad Things (1998)

  1. I haven’t yet but I definitely will watch it!

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