Fall 2009 Fashion Trends

The most important piece of clothing for men which is the suit is looking really good for 2009. It all about the broad shoulder look which was about in the 90’s and slim trousers. I was searching online to find the H&M winter collection and you can find a lot of information and pictures related to the 2009 collection however here in the UK you cannot buy online, i dont really understand that-they are loosing loads of money..the Gucci suits look amazing however they still dont look as good as the Reiss suits that look really smart, plus you need to check out the website, it includes an amazing feature called the lookbook which is basically an animated sequence of pictures, looks really good you need to check it out Reiss. The military jacket is probably the biggest thing of 2009, loads of labes are designing  different military jackets and everybody is wearing them including celebrities like Rihanna. Just shows you how much Michael Jackson’s death affected the fashion industry and the world in general since the military jacket was one of his signature looks!!Dont you think that rihanna looks like jacko boy in this picture?or is it just me?









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