Swingers-Cocktails Now, Questions Later

This is my choice for movie of the week, and yes it was released in 1996 but i only watched it recently!!It is a story about a guy called Mike who has just split up  from his girlfriend and has moved back to LA to pursue his acting/comedian carrer. His pals try to get him back into the social scene but he’s not doing so good! It’s a really funny movie that’s all about parties,cocktails,having fun and Going out. You really need to see this movie, its a cult classic that was made before Vince vaughn and Jon Favreau were famous.



One response to “Swingers-Cocktails Now, Questions Later

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    I confess that I’m a little jealous you just got to discover “Swingers.” I’ve seen it so many times now I’ve lost that feeling that comes with discovering a new movie. (Once you experience it, everything else is just chasing the dragon.) It is most definitely a pop-culture touchstone, since so much of the dialogue — anything involving the use of the word money as an adjective — is used every day. A great film.

    M. Carter at the Movies

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