The Virgin Suicides

I’m going to start blogging about movies once every month so stay tuned! This is my first movie blog post and it’s about one of my favorite movies “The virgin suicides”. When i watched the movie for the first time I was amazed with the atmospheric 70s feeling that it projected and dreamy soundtrack by the band “Air” (playground love) which turned out to be a really good combination. You need to see this movie to understand what I’m talking about. I think that really good movies put you in certain frame of mind and state and affect you in a way that you get totally hooked until the end titles come up. This is one of them.





3 responses to “The Virgin Suicides

  1. severnyproductions

    sounds great

  2. Can you imagine I watched this movie two or three days ago for the first time?! And that I made a movie post just a minute ago?! Lol
    Totally agree with what you say, definitely worth a watch. I really liked it.

    Thanks a lot for your comment:)

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