In For The Kill

I don’t usually like mainstream music especially y if it’s electro but this is different. La roux are a British electro band that has just released a single “in for the kill” that reached position 11 in the UK single chart! I like her music, its very catchy but different than the stereotypical electro pop bands you hear these days! She has also got a really good dress sense! You need to check out in for the kill on YouTube and bulletproof
Original content from wikipedia

Elly Jackson

Eleanor “Elly” Jackson is the daughter of actress Trudie Goodwin. Elly’s birthday is March 8th 1988.[5] Jackson grew up in the Herne Hill area of London. Jackson attended what she describes as a “rightwing, really religious school” where she was bullied because of her androgynous style.[4]


Her first interest in music revolved around folk music. She was particularly interested in Carole King and Nick Drake whom she discovered in her parents’ record collection. Her early musical material consisted of folk ditties informed by Joni Mitchell. Jackson’s taste in music changed during her mid teens when she became involved in the rave scene.[4]

An “on-and-off” relationship Jackson has been in for the last 5 years has provided the material for La Roux’s debut album.[4]

[edit] Ben Langmaid

Langmaid, who prefers to stay in the background, is a London based producer and composer who has been involved with other music projects in the past but has finally found in La Roux the suitable project to let his long term passion for 80s electro-pop shine through.



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