Michael Jackson Murdered? Death ‘being treated as homicide?

According to the Los Angeles Police Department Jacko boys death is being treated as a possible murder.
The TMZ website broke the initial story about the possible homicide and in the original article it was mentioned that evidence gathered from the autopsy pointed to the anaesthetic drug Propofol as the main cause of death. Traces of this drug were found at jacko’s apartment as well as an ixygen tank that was used to administer the drug.
LaToya Jackson believes that a group of conspirators killed her brother in an attempt to claim his fortune. She claims to know exactly who is responsible for the plot, and shared with WWN some of the “vast amounts” of evidence she has collected.
When asked why she is not going to authorities with her concerns she said:

“I don’t know yet how high up this goes, but I can promise you the responsible parties will be brought to justice.” She then stood on her chair. “Upon my blood I swear that these foul villains will see justice by my hand! As a Jackson, I Do Swear!”

Stay tuned for more info as Ill be updating my post


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