Get the Gossip Girl Look?

I have been doing some research and I’ve been looking into fashion blogs just to find interesting articles and maybe meet interesting people and awesome blogs, but all I come across is Gossip Girl…so I’m like what’s with Gossip Girl and why is everybody talking about this chic in fashion blogs? Personally imp an entourage fan and that’s all I watch because I haven’t got much time to kick back and watch the tube. I eventually looked into Gossip Girl after all the chat I got about it and it’s a series that’s all about the lives of wealthy teenagers who are attending an elite prep school in New York City. Upper East Side293_gossip_girl_nymag2_042108

Although I don’t think I’m going to start watching the show anytime soon as its season 4 or something just now it would be worth watch just for the fashion trends gossip girl and that “other dude” are sporting. Eric Daman, the series stylist, incorporates rising designers to the series costume design. He said in an interview, “Alexander Wang and Vena Cava were definitely not mentioned in the books but are essential on the fashion scene in today’s NYC. I felt it really important to incorporate these young designers into the vocabulary of the show as the socialite girls that GG is based on would know these designers, be the first to find them and the first to wear them. Think Zac Posen and Lola Schnabel.GOSSIP GIRL

So is it worth a watch after all???nah..i think ill stick to entourage


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