Pulp fiction

I came across this awesome looking pulp fiction T shirt! It pictures one of the classic scenes of the movie where John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson are pointing their guns however the guns are replaced with bananas-which gives it a pop art/Andy Warhol/cult kind of vibe. It’s available in all sizes for men and women at the 8ball t shirt web site.



3 responses to “Pulp fiction

  1. the original illustration was made by banksy, you should check out his pother stuff on http://www.banksy.co.uk/ i was stunned when i first saw it. he currently have a exhebition in bristol i guess, if you have the chance to vsiit it, you should :>

    btw. nice blog, keep on blogging : D

    • Nice one ill check it out!!!how can i follow people on wordpress ?do u know?dont really know its kinda all new 2 me.

      • creativeoutput

        google “rss reader” or “how to use a rss reader”. google also has one. you add some blogs and then you have like all new posts listed. don’t exactly cause I don’t use such things :>

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