Got Hair-Gel?

FFor about a month now I’ve been waiting for my” special hair-gel” to get sent over from Athens. I know it sounds a bit weird but I actually get my folks to send me tubs of my favourite hair gel every 3 months as I cannot find here in the UK. The reason for this is because it’s a local company that manufactures it in Athens and only distributes it to certain countries the UK is not included in those countries. Usually I’m not picky with most of the things, I ‘m a chilled out/ relaxed dude, compatible with different environments and adaptable to new situations HOWEVER there are certain things(habits ) that I cannot change. One these habits is the hair gel, I find it really difficult to get use new kinds of gel -even the really expensive ones because I personally believe that the suck if you compare them to the stuff I’m on about. The Gel I used was called NEW GEL and you can only get it in certain supermarkets in Europe, it is dead cheap (2 Euros a tub) its Pink and it’s the strongest stuff I’ve ever tried, omg that stuff’s strong. A nuclear explosion couldn’t ruin my hairdo, do you remember that scene in “there’s something about Mary”??? That’s what I’m on about!!


Anyway I’m writing about this gel because it’s the best stuff I’ve ever tried! If you get your hands on it you will understand. I also found out recently that the kind of strong and cheap hair gel is a healthier option as it is easier to wash out and doesn’t destroy the ruts. A lot of hair stylists personally recommend cheap gel rather than wax however they do say that wax is better to use during the summer periods as its moistness helps protect the hair from the sun and also acts as a conditioner. I’m only joking the second paragraph is all bullshit. Anyhow the gel I’m on about is called NEW GEl, its pink, it’s in a plastic container and its awesome -looks a little bit like the gel displayed in the picture below.



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