Rock & Roll Pablo Eskobar T-shirt

I was looking at different t shirt companies online the other day and I randomly came across this website that had some pretty cool stuff. The name of the brand is Gio Goi and is deeply involved with the British music scene, festivals etc, the likes of Pete Doherty and other celebrities’ model for them which makes them an unusual and super cool brand at the same time. Anyway take a look at these t -shirts I’ve posted and tell me what you think! Personally I love the Pablo Escobar one! Its badass.You can view more stuff on the web site here Gio Goipablo



4 responses to “Rock & Roll Pablo Eskobar T-shirt

  1. Oh tanks for the nice comment, made my day 🙂

  2. Hey yea I just bought the Pablo Escobar one last night and it got delivered today for £30. Gio Goi is a well known brand in the UK. My Escobar top though is green with Pablo and Escobar written in Light pink really nice tho 🙂

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