Uber Retro Aviator Shades

hot-c02-3How cool are these shades??I have been looking out for this type of aviator sunglasses everywhere but the best place to look is always online! The reason I’ve been looking for them is because i totally rock that look and because aviator glasses are the only type that suit me! A good friend of mine gave me my first pair of aviators which he bought of somebody for 2 pounds during his vacation on a Greek island. I loved those shades and I use to wear them every day until one day I stood on them by accident. You can find a lot of cheap alternatives and solutions online by just typing in the term aviator sunglasses” and clicking on “shopping”. However if you want to spend the extra buck and combine quality with looks you can consider the option below…I love them, badass….


<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http:/


3 responses to “Uber Retro Aviator Shades

    • I know ther awesome! ther almost the same as my favourite pair which i havent seen anywhere-but ill take pics of them and upload them soon

  1. They look great. And I have the same thing with sunglasses, the aviators suit me the best and that’s great cuz they never go out of style, LOL.

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