Dim mak records and clothes

Dim Mak started in 1996 as a whim and became a lifestyle.  Launching with a 7″ from obscure SoCal hardcore ensemble Stickfigurecarousel, Dim Mak’s roster grew to include bands outside of hardcore and punk to garage rock and roll, disco punk, new wave, whatever it is that is explosive. The roster is a large and expanding one. There is no particular genre of music we corner other than what we know feels right. The point being is to just to release what we think is good regardless of style. And with our expanding roster we include all artists we’ve done shorter albums and/or singles as always part of the active family on Dim Mak – The Coup, The Kills, Whirlwind Heat, Soledad Brothers, Automato, Panthers, The Gossip, Young People, Das Oath, Paradise Island, Pearlene, Lion Fever, Dance Disaster Movement, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Mr. David Viner, The Von Bondies, Bluebird, Die Monitr Batss, From Monument To Masses, The Red Light Sting, Envy, Miracle Chosuke, Battles, Libretto & Lifesavas, Dollhouse, Tokyo Sex Destruction, Bloc Party, Deep Jail, Edy Crahp, Juss Ske.Dim Mak media cartel, ground zero. A record label as a tangram. It all started in a small room in a college co-op books, records, magazines, one-sheets, records, stickers, records, records, and records. People filing in, one at a time or three at a time, hands being given where needed. Support is free. Passion is free. Silkscreened Pretty Girls Make Graves posters aren’t free, but that’s nothing personal. Everything else is. That’s part of the Dim Mak politics: if we are all affected by everything around us, then we are part of the surroundings for everyone else. Each vinyl release, and some CD releases, include a Hearts & Minds poster or insert, documenting the intensity, words, and inspiration of radical leaders, mentors, and critical thinkers. Dim Mak seeks to bring it home (to the fans, kids, consumers, call them what you will) because that’s where everything begins. In the bedroom… in this case, of a small room in a college co-op.(original content available from http://www.dimmak.com/about/index.php)


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